How to use CBD

How to Use CBD Cover Image

Tincture - One of the fastest and most effective ways to dose CBD is by tincture. Tinctures should be applied under the tongue and left without swallowing for 45 seconds for maximum efficiency. Our MCT based Lingua™ products are the perfect tincture solution. 

Edible - Fruit Chews and Fruit Drops are examples of edible CBD. Edible CBD is a favorite way to easily dose CBD in a tasty and familiar form factor. 

Vapor - Vaping introduces CBD into your system faster than most methods. Look to our VG based Versa™ for your vapable CBD solution. Use Versa™ by itself or dilute with your favorite zero nicotine e-liquid and use with your existing vapor devices. Versa™ is best used in devices compatible with high VG solutions. 

Topical - CBD can be applied directly on the skin, and is highly effective when used in moisture creams or pain reduction salves.  Revita-Lux™ is a simple and luxurious way to start your CBD regimen. 

Additive - CBD Additives are a flexible and versatile way to get your dose. Additives are introduced and mixed into products you already use. Try using Versa™ for water based applications (drinks, soups, sauces…), or Lingua™ for oil bases (butter, cooking oils, oil based supplements…). Using the included pipette, add the desired dosage to your existing product and mix. 

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