Request Custom Cannabinoids

This is where it all begins... 

What type of cannabinoids do you see in your products? When you look at our form, select the options that best reflect the goals you are trying to achieve with your products.  You get the chance to customize your own hemp derived cannabinoid product line!  

Do you desire a Full Spectrum products? Maybe you think a CBD isolate based product spiked with our potent terpenes is the best choice for you...

Once you've decided your cannabinoids and terpenes, the next step is choosing your products from the listed product types. You'll find things like gummies, tinctures and more to choose from.

Last we need to know how you would like to receive your product. You will be asked to choose between a possible two options.

1. Bulk - Some customers like to receive their product in "bulk" form without individual packaging. This is the most affordable option, and great for customers with a little manufacturing experience.


2. Packaged - Some customers like to receive their product in an individual package. Many of our products are available to be shipped to you pre-bottled or bagged. Our packages are unlabeled and have no branding. We are able to provide you label templates for each product and will point to you a reputable label printer here. If available, you will see options for bottling or bagging shown for your selected product. 


Not sure where to start? For further assistance - Contact us.